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I have a friend that has a Arminius HW 5 .32 S&W Long Revolver but the barrel is loose. I was wondering if there is a way to make it safe to fire again and what needs to be done?

Arminius revolvers were imported from Germany in the 1970's or so, and are NOT good quality guns.
Since there is a real problem with the barrel, it is dangerous to shoot unless it is repaired PROPERLY. I would take it to a GOOD gunsmith and ask him to give you an estimate, but personally, I would not spend a dime on fixing that  money and get a used Rossi or Charter Arms revolver, either of which is a far better made gun. I have owned both and would not hesitate to recommend either one.

The Arminius is almost worthless with little to no resale value, even in good condition. I would NEVER recommend that you try to fix it yourself. Don't mean to disappoint your friend, but it's just not worth fixing.


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