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I have a Savage Arms Corp. Westfield, MA USA It is a Fox Model B. Can't find a serial #. It is a 12 gauge.  Blue barrels, silver block with FOX and scrolled leaves on each side.  With a fox head on bottom of box. Also silver trigger guard with gold colored single trigger. Could not find it anywhere in all the guns I looked at.  Can you give me any more information?

Hello Dick.
  The Savage Arms Corporation, of Utica, NY, was founded in the late 1800's , but it became a conglomerate when it purchased several other arms companies, including J. Stevens. They purchased the A.H. Fox company in 1929. In 1946, Savage moved their factory to the old J. Stevens factory in Chicopee Falls, MA. In 1960, they moved once again to Westfield, MA. In 1964, they became the Savage Arms Division of the Emhart Corporation. The Fox model and all other firearms, were discontinue in 1988, with the exception of a .22 rifle manufactured in Canada and the high power rifle Model 110 in it's various forms.
  Your shotgun was manufactured somewhere between 1962 and 1965. This is why there is no serial number. Serial numbers were not required on firearms until 1968. Values vary on these guns, but the single trigger model you have is actually a Model B-DL. These are high quality shotguns and can reach into the upper $600 in excellent condition, with some going a little more, with less attractive ones going for around $300 today.
  I hope I have answered your questions on this fine firearm. Charles Gage  

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