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Hi, I recently got a new handgun, Ruger SR9 9mm. One thing I noticed is that it gets jammed a lot more often than my S&W M&P 9mm. I can literally fire 100 rounds on M&P with only a handful of jams. However, for my Ruger, after 50 rounds, it would jam every 2-3 rounds. I use the same ammunition and I clean both of my weapons yet the Ruger seem to have more issues. I'm not an expert but does it have anything to do with the design of the weapon? thanks


OK - I am not familiar with the Ruger SR9, but  I did find a LOT of posts online concerning jamming in these pistols. Google "Ruger SR9 jamming"  and you  will find a few pages worth.

It seems to come down to incomplete cleaning for one thing, and too lax of a grip for the other. My understanding is these guns are made very tight at the factory and are a little touchy...

There are at least 3 youtube clips on cleaning the SR9 and there are a lot of posts on a lot of sites about shooting them...

Personally, I would not carry any pistol that is that fussy. I have a state license to carry here in PA, and usually carry an older small auto or a larger revolver that I have no doubt about at all.

I have never owned a Ruger auto other than their .22 pistols and I am not about to buy one...I would NEVER recommend carrying or using something for defense purposes that you are not 100% CERTAIN will work if it ever should be needed. I would not recommend ANY handgun or any gun at all that you have to think about if you must shoot it quickly...

Of course it is up to you, but you did ask.

Happy New Year.

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