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I've recently purchased a Bond Arms Cowboy Defender 45/410 derringer and love it. However I have small hands and am firing it by cocking with my left thumb and pulling the trigger with my left index ( I am right handed) which works for me. My concern is that it will cause me to shoot differently in a crisis (negative transference) if I train this way in order to shoot the derringer. My primary civilian gun is 9mil Lady Smith 3913 which has a narrow grip. My military service is 9mil 92Beretta.
Am I worrying over nothing?
BTW, I have tremendous respect for you- horse and gun info.
I have my husband and sons watching your channels.Thx

well you can get proficient with different weapons and different styles of shootings, so if you do it enough, muscle memory will set in and you will not have to think about it.  Could you get faster and better with one gun if that is all you used, carried and trained with, sure, but if you are training with all, then the differences will be minor.  Do what works.


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