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Hi; thanks in advance for your thoughts!

I'm a 57 yo woman who is thinking about a weapon for self-defense. I have been on a range a few times and done some shooting with a .22, which I was advised to do in order to get some 'muscle memory', and have moved up to a 9 mm, and done pretty fair for a beginner.

I'm mostly concerned with being safe in my house while my husband is traveling. I am somewhat hard of hearing. I live in a college town in Indiana, and the crime rate is increasing because of drugs. I do not have a security system or a dog. Can't afford the former, not sure I really want the latter, as we travel. Crime is not a big deal near my house, and we are somewhat hidden in this neighborhood, so I'm not truly worried, but would like to be prepared.

1. I am a leftie. Does that make a significant difference? I used a right handed 9mm, but I wasn't in a hurry or threatened, either.
2. Don't want jamming problems if I can minimise them. What models are best?
3. Cost is a factor. I know you get what you pay for, but I can't afford a Mercedes, you know? That goes for ammo too. Suggestions and advice appreciated.
4. Is there a good model with a laser sight? I figure a red dot on the chest might be a nice deterrent.
5. What is an optimal practise schedule for a beginner? There is a good range in town.

Thanks again!

1. the main consideration on a handgun for a leftie would be to make sure that there is an ambidextrous safety, or a safety that can be operated by the thumb of your left hand.

2. all auto-loaders have the possibility to jam. It also depends on the power loading of the cartridge and the bullet shape. Try different cartridges to find the best match for the gun. But the sure way to avoid a jam is to use a revolver.

3. it would be best for you to have a friend from your local shooting range to go with you to a gun store to check out the prices on various models.

4. most handguns can have a laser sight added.  But I don't use laser sights, and can't offer specific help.

5. this depends a lot on the individual shooter, and is best for you to discuss in person with a friend from your local shooting range.

6. many people use shotguns for home defense.

7. Many women and men with smaller hands have trouble racking the slide on an auto-loading handgun, and many models have triggers that are difficult to press.  The Sig P238 has low slide force, and a good trigger, a model with night sights is best. (but the Sigs are somewhat expensive).  

Hope this helps!


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