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QUESTION: What value would you put on this rifle and do you know of or have an opinion of one bought from Mitchel's Mausers.

ANSWER: Hello Robert.
  I see you have a Mosin. I have collected several myself. They are very fun, and accurate, too. However, out of the dozen or so I have collected, only one was a true 'sniper' rifle. They are so rare, a 'genuine' complete sniper rifle can go over $1,000. A 'fake' with a scope will sell for around $300. So many people obtain after market scopes and other parts and try to pass them off as 'PU' scoped sniper rifles. I have found several ways of looking at a Mosin to tell if it is an 'authentic' M91/30 sniper rifle, or a copy. I will need a very clear photo of the left side of the receiver, the top of the receiver, and the right side (inside) of the receiver with the bolt out. Also, any numbers that have been stamped out and replaced with other numbers. I know this sounds like a lot, but these are only a few hints that can tell me if it is 'possibly' a genuine sniper rifle. I have not had access to any Mitchell's Mausers, so can't form an opinion on them. I suggest you research all the pro's and con's on them, and then you can form your own opinion.
  Please follow up with these pictures and other information I am asking for. Then we will start. Thanks. Charles Gage

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mosin sniper
mosin sniper  
Mosin sniper
Mosin sniper  
QUESTION: Here are I hope 2 pictures of the rifle. If I had your email address I could send more information easier.

ANSWER: Hello, again, Robert.
 Was your mount, or scope, made in Russia, or Soviet Union? The original PU scopes were manufactured in Soviet Union (SVT). I can't really make out the receiver, but if it has a 'C' on one side of the top of the star and a upside 'U' on the other, the rifle was chosen as a sniper. If not, it is just a tricked out standard model. Wish I could help more. Charles Gage

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QUESTION: What about this rifle on

Hello Robert.
  Again, there are several factors that, all together, show if one is the genuine article. One thing that I cannot do with a picture is hold it in my hands. The fit and finish of the bolt entering the chamber, the feel of a crisp light trigger and the alignment of the scope, of which the magnification should be 4X. I don't believe I can help you any further. Not referring to the one on GunBroker specifically, I remind you that over 90% of these 'sniper rifles' are fake. You can purchase the scope mounts and scopes online. Thank you for asking for me. Charles Gage

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