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I have a Iver Johnson 38cal revolver. Serial # D56754 listed on the bottom of the trigger guard and under the wood grips.
What years was it manufactured? Can I shoot 38 SW in this gun or is it to use black powder?
I will have it inspected at a gun shop before firing.

Appreciate any input on this gun.

Hello Brian Souders
  I could go by your serial number and tell you it was manufactured in 1913 as the Third Model Hammerless Second Variation, which can shoot modern smokeless powder cartridges, as long as they are .38S&W round nose lead. You say it has "wood grips". The original grips were hard black rubber, with an Owl Head facing away from the cylinder. If they are wood, and if they are one piece, and if it has a hammer, your revolver could be a special version. If so, contact me again. Thanks for asking for me, Charles Gage

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