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20 GA Shotgun
20 GA Shotgun  
I have a Wards Western Field 20 ga shotgun. The numbers on the barrel are:  04M 215A0 GA.-2 3/4 IN. Proof Tested. It has a screw on full choke. It was purchased used by my dad around 1956.

Can you please tell me what it's approximate value is?

Thank you.

Hello Mel.
  Although Montgomery Wards sold shotguns, they did not manufacture them. Your WesternField was actually manufactured by O.F. Mossberg as the models 75 and 85. The Model 75, which did not have a clip, was manufactured from 1933-1940.The Model 85, which had a clip magazine, was manufactured from 1934-1940.
  Though it is old, it is not a collector's gun. They are, however, very well built. With the proper care, it will function long into the future. In very good condition, one like it can be purchased for around $100. It will only shoot 2 3/4" shells, and the chokes and clips, along with most other parts, are almost impossible to find. If you have not already, have it checked by a "COMPETENT" licensed gunsmith before you fire it. When you are satisfied it is ready to shoot, shoot it. You will enjoy every minute of it!
  Thank you for asking for me and please leave a feedback comment and rating. Charles Gage  

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