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I have a Remington Rand 1944 1911A1 and could you tell me the correct original brand holster for this pistol.

The first 1911 A1 pistol I owned was a Remington Rand that I bought 1972, along with a box of steel cased WWII ammo, for $150. I believe it had been assembled from parts - It had a blued slide and a parkerized frame, and plastic pearl grips. I had it for several years, and later sold it in California...

I think the best thing is to review some information on the Remington-Rand 1911's manufacture and who actually made them, and when...and there is some info and a pic of a correct holster at the end of this piece as well...

FWIW, do not make the mistake of thinking that you have to have the EXACT year holster as pistol...The army did not work that way then and I suspect they don't work that way now, either. So long as the  holster dates from either the same year as your pistol, or earlier, it would be appropriate, and if it were me I would try to find a holster with a degree of wear similar to that of the gun.

ALSO, remember that the pistols made in WWII were retained and used by the US military through later wars, including Vietnam, and well after, with pistols getting repairs and rebuilds as needed done by unit armorers. I was in the Airborne Infantry in the late 60's and I must report that MANY soldiers were hoping to get a more modern pistol to replace the old .45. They were not "worshiped" as they seem to be now, and many professional soldiers wanted a DA 9mm pistol to conform to the rest of NATO.

Anyway, the holsters did not go along with the pistols, and what was used was what was available.

Here is a collector's site with many 1911 holsters as well as other accessories that will give you some idea of prices and what to look for...

You might email SARCO, Inc to ask if they have any WWII or later 1911 will get a good deal from them if there are any available.

Good luck with your hunt, and remember there were many types of holsters for these long lived pistols, as well as cleaning gear, waterproof bags, etc.


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