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I believe what I have is a:
.32 (S&W smokeless, center fire) Iver Johnson safety automatic hammerless third model.  Inherited from my Grandmother.
Is that correct and from the serial number (F 5575) can you tell me when it was manufactured? And possibly what it is worth?

ANSWER: Hello Charles.
  Yes, from the picture, you have a Third Model. However, my research shows that the F prefix was used only on a few Second Model .32S&W's and the .22 caliber rim-fire revolvers. The serial numbers were all hand stamped. This left room for errors, especially if the stamps were held at any angle besides perpendicular to the frame. Could this have happened with your revolver? The information I have shows the small frame hammerless Third Model serial numbers to begin with B0001 in 1909 to B100000 in 1918. Your revolver, if it is a B5575, was manufactured in 1910. It would also have the patent date of AUG 26,96 stamped on the bottom of the butt.
  There have been exceptions with overlapping serial numbers and frame exchanges, but I am not aware of any for the Third Model Safety Hammerless. You ask about value, and that is all conclusive on the condition. They are not a highly collectable firearm, so values range around $100 with some going for a little more.
  I hope this helps, and thank you for asking for me. Charles Gage

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I appreciate your responding.  More Information:

It is definitely a .32.  The photo shows both a .32 and .22 in the cylinder and the .22 gets lost.

The Serial Number is definitely F 5575 as shown in the photo.

The Patent stamp is clearly messed up and I can make no sense of it.

Does any of this help in identifying when it was manufactured?

Thank you.  And, thanks for providing this service.

Hello again Charles.
  I can clearly see from your pictures, that it is a .32 caliber. And it certainly does have an "F" prefix. Although I have never run across a Third Model hammerless with an "F", It does not mean the possibility is not there, as you have one. Iver Johnson made use of most all their revolver parts for centerfire revolvers, but the only "F" series I have found during my research are for the .22 caliber Third Model Second Variation Hammerless. F5575 was manufactured in 1929 of a total of 200 pieces. All changes from caliber to caliber were .32 and .38. Both centerfire. I will include your information and pictures in my research. Perhaps, I will come across another one to verify my assumption. Values are still the same. If I had your revolver, I would include it in my collection.
  Thank you again for your persistence. Charles Gage  

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