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On top of barrel various patents ending in 93,also Iver Johnson Cycle Works Fitchburg Mass, on trigger,single latch.flat spring under grips,serial #20078 on bottom of butt, owls head plastic or rubber handles.What year was it mfg.
Would it be dangerous to use 32cal auto Remington Peters Ammo.

Hello Don.
 There are two possibilities. It is either a ..1894 First Model Safety Automatic Hammerless.., or an ..1895 First Model First Variation Safety Automatic Hammerless.. The difference is the 1894 model has a type of 'hook' on the top strap to hold the cylinder on the frame, which is activated by lifting up a notch to remove the cylinder, while the 1895 has a threaded bushing to hold the cylinder on the frame. These were called Safety Automatic's because they did not have a hammer mounted firing pin, like all other revolvers did at that time. Instead the firing pin was mounted inside the frame and was activated by a flat bar that raised to engage it, only when the hammer was fully cocked. This was so the revolver could not be fired by dropping it on the hammer. The Iver Johnson revolvers were known as the "only revolver you could hit the hammer with a hammer, and thus the safety was called the 'Hammer the Hammer' safety mechanism.
 It will not fire a .32 Automatic cartridge, since it was only designed to fire a .32 S&W cartridge loaded with black powder. Even modern cartridges in .32 S&W caliber are too powerful to be fired in this model. If you want to shoot your revolver, first have it checked by a certified, licensed gunsmith. If it is approved, just google for 'black powder cartridges' and you will find them for sale.
 I hope this helps answer your question, and thank you for asking for me. Charles Gage  

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