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Hi Mark,

I believe that you would be able to easily answer this ( these, rather'?), questions, if you don't mind. I am looking at a handgun (mini 9) online that I'm probably going to purchase. I know how the basic FFL steps go, they do a background check, mental health check, etc.

I'm 45 years old, but back in my high school and college days I was pretty wild. I've never in my life had a felony charge or conviction, mainly just traffic infractions, a few fights, some drag racing - we are talking mid/late teens, early 20s). I did have a couple of DUIs back in college in the early 90s - 20-something years ago.

Could you please tell me what else they really look at – do they look at credit? Just went through a real bad divorce, she ran the credit cards up as high as she could before the trial, of course killing my credit as it wasn't immaculate before - but not terrible. And I did have one fairly high credit card that was charged off at least  a decade+ ago.

Like I said, I'm not getting a 50 rd. AK. just a 'pocket' 9mm.

Here's IS what I am A LITTLE worried about. For years I've had some problems with depression ( no suicide attempts or hospitalization ), some anxiety, and even some OCD.

If you knew me, though, even if you were my best friend -you would never have known it. I have seen a number of psychiatrists over the tears, and taken a fair amount of psychiatric medicines in the past, but nothing very serious like lithium or anything that is very mind-altering, just SSRIs, which is what your normal housewife  or grandma even gets for depression.

Since high school/college, there's been NO violence ( except of the 100% PERJURY that my wife accused me of in divorce court about "how bad that I beat her" – to which I immediately paid $500 to the top polygrapher in the state and he asked me every accusation that she made, I scored 100% truthful, on each and every accusation. I also had several policemen testify.)  they could likely be able to pull all that up. So,not sure about that one.

I mainly am just worried ab. the FFL check on the mental part. (partly the divorce, too - even though that is a bunch of crap.)

Do you think they would mainly be concerned about mental illness-related VIOLENCE, & things like that?  I have nothing like that in the past 30 years or 25 years. And like I said never ever a felony;  never in my life charged with face very serious crime – other than a normal "behaviorally challenged" teenager. A few misdemeanors in high school. A  few very very short jail stents, we're talking a couple of hours  in the clink, after a fight, or something like that – we're also talking 25+ years ago.

If they ONLY knew how boring that I am, now, and HAVE been for 15, 20 years – I barely leave the house, I keep the cat on my lap most of the time, go to bed around 1030. Stopped drinking – even wine and beer about 15 yrs ago. don't smoke pot or any other illicit drugs. Don't smoke, period – never have.

I Think I did make a D on a history test one time. Surely they wouldn't 'X' me out for that.

Last, do you think they will contact my psychiatrist? I've had him for 10 years - I like him a lot, but if he hears I'm buying a gun, I don't think he'll like it at all.

By the way,  I am experienced with guns - I used to have a Glock 9mm (17? / 19?), and a couple of other Saturday night specials, but I shot the Glock a lot. I'm no expert, but I can safely handle a firearm.
(Bought the Glock full price - actually a little less, in a pawnshop in my college town. I walked in, set the cash on the counter told him what I wanted; he took it out of the glass counter, handed it to me, "Thanks! Have a good day," and I left. I was in there two or three minutes. This was the early-mid 90s.

Oh, I'm sorry, ONE LAST THING -, do you have ANY suggestions for me? As for filling out the form, you know -anything that I should do or not do?

(Even better -  I know that you don't know me, but I am NOT, in a million lifetimes, going to go shoot up a movie theater or ANYTHING. (My Area of town has just gotten out of control with crime, shootings etc. you're almost crazy to live here and not have a gun in your car, on you, just in case.
(No kids, but I am a little obsessive with the safety, trigger guard, all of that. By the time I turned all that crap off, I'd probably be dead myself. I think, though, that my state (MS), lets you do whatever the hell you want to with a handgun–concealed carry without even a permit (I THINK) - Plus we have the "Castle Doctrine". To a threat to your body, car, house. ("If you're afraid of serious injury/death" - in all truth, it WILL be a jacking, etc, HERE.)

I Live in the suburbs though – hardly any crime.. I do sometimes have to go into the city - much crime - much much crime. I won't even let my mother go into the city.

But, since all of the criminals do it, it seems like the good guys should be able to do it to: So, you wouldn't happen to know where, online, that I could have this gun delivered to my front door, would you?  if you tried long enough I know you can - I have seen people buy heroin etc. online, but I don't care about spending days looking, unless you know of somewhere and if you don't, I'll just get it through FFL.
(Here I am NOW sounding like some 'con.')

I'm looking around your page for a PayPal tips button. I will DEFINITELY tip you, if you do.

THANK YOU very much for your help, Mark.

Mike K.

*(Perfect review afterwards)*

Mike...the background check is an instant check done over the phone by the FFL dealer. I live in PA, so the method might be different, but we have a Federal form and a State form for federal form for long guns. The check itself takes a few minutes tops.

About 95% of what you might have read about the evil background check is nonsense.

They are a short list of questions that you answer by checking  yes or no boxes. The mental health questions and any criminal related questions are very restricted in what they ask. If I remember, you have to answer yes to the criminal record question if you have had a felony CONVICTION or an arrest for a violent crime within the previous 10 years. The psychiatric/mental health questions are generally limited to PUBLIC records...If you have been INVOLUNTARILY COMMITTED to a mental hospital or to psych ward, that is a yes. Your psychiatrist's records are sealed by law, and no matter what the NRA is telling you, that is BINDING on the the possible cost os his license to practice.

IF you are worried about all that stuff I suggest you speak to your Sheriff about it.

I worked in a mental health hospital and in a county prison's Social Work departments and did counseling of addicts and newly released prisoners for some years while I was working...and I have to add this...Some of your questions are pretty far out of line as far as federal law goes. UNLESS you have a valid FFL or a valid C & R collector's license, both from the Federal Government, you must buy a handgun from someone who is a licensed dealer. Also providing a false answer to questions on either the state or federal forms is a felony...which will limit your gun ownership for some time to come.

I can recommend that you get as much info as you can online from your state or by phone from your county sheriff. I strongly recommend that what you should do about the questions on the forms is to answer every one of them truthfully and honestly and accurately. MA has pretty tough handgun carry license requirements and it helps a lot if you are a member of a GOOD gun club.

Most criminals who have guns steal them from people who bought them honestly....which is why they are criminals. IF you violate the background check procedure, you have just made yourself a criminal also...

It seems to me that you are looking for a handgun to go looking for trouble...You will have no problem finding it if you do this, and you might not like it when you do...

Avoid FOX news and right wing garbage online - it is fake garbage for sure.

I appreciate your offer of a tip. but I don't get along with Paypal and I don't need the money...and If I had it, I would donate it to the Clinton For President campaign...because I am a life long very liberal Democrat and an atheist with decades of religious education. All true.

Get a rifle or shotgun and keep it at home if you feel like you have to...I think you are heading for a bad time if you try to get a handgun under the counter.

Sorry, but that is how I feel about it,  

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