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Mike wrote at 2006-09-25 14:22:47
I purchased a JA-9 approximately a month ago as my first handgun.  I did not know any better and was not warned of this pathetic gun's problems.  Now I have a gun which is not functioning after firing only approximately 250 rounds and from reading this answer from Kyle, I feel fortunate I wasn't injured by the malfunctions of the firearm.  As a matter of fact, I'm taking it back to the gun shop where I bought it either today or tomorrow.  I have learned a valuable lesson from my mistake in making this purchase and I can promise you, I won't make the same mistakes again.  To anyone who is looking to purchase a less expensive handgun, DO NOT PURCHASE JIMENEZ ARMS!!!!!  I promise you that you will regret it if you do.  Instead, do a little research and shop around.  Don't buy the cheapest one or the first one that catches your eye but make a smart investment of your money in a quality firearm.  

buff wrote at 2007-03-30 23:49:13
i actually bought this same gun a month ago and go target shooting ALOT with it and I havent had a problem with any thing falling off I actually think its a pretty well put together gun. just went through 200 rounds of winchester 9mm luger rounds yesterday. I really like the safety features like the red indicator that tells you wether the gun is cocked or not and the petrusion on top that tells you if there is a bullet in the chamber.  

BrycoMike wrote at 2007-05-18 18:24:11
Gun snobs will always turn up their noses at inexpensive weapons. I for one have no problems whatsoever with any of my "Saturday Night Specials" which include two Jimenez Arms products, a JA Nine and a JA22. I also own Bryco, Jennings and a Raven. I have never had a problem with any of them. I keep them clean, fine tune them, and make sure the mags are in proper working order. I shoot proper factory loaded ammo. These guns work exactly the way they are intended to work, providing the operator knows what he is doing. I'm no "expert", but I'm no gun snob either.

Felix wrote at 2007-08-26 23:04:23
Its  true about the hole story about their 9mm but after the company was bought by Paul Jimenez in 2004 some improvement have been made to the new JA-9mm even so I dont recommended for home protection or concealed.. I shoot around 2000 rounds on my without even 1 miss fire or jam same with the New JA-22. You said that your budget is tight so you can get for like around $475-$500 a new Glock 17 or 19 cal.9mm If you are planning to carry it get the Glock 19 which is smaller than the 17 or a very small one like the Glock 27 that is a 40 cal. but this ones will cost around $550.

raven25 wrote at 2007-09-24 00:04:21
I don't agree with the above answer as far as user safety is concerned (and as far as the "defective" pistol is concerned, Brandon Maxwell was shot by his 12 year old babysitter who was attempting to unload the gun, which functioned exactly as it was supposed to and incedentally the jury in the case found the parents more than 50% responsible. The Colt 1911, which was the standard sidearm of the US military for 75 YEARS! and is still in production to this day operates in precisely the same manner, in that it must have the safety moved to the "fire" position in order to unload) I have also never heard of these firearms "losing pieces" during firing but I don't claim to know everything and just because I've never heard it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. What I do know is these guns are cheap because they use the least expensive (and consequently least reliable) parts and methods. For plinking at the range, the gun is fine, but I would not recommend putting your familys' security on the line with it. There are many quality firearms for $400 or less that are much more reliable. My .357 magnum Smith and Wesson cost $250 used in great shape and it has never failed in over 400 rounds and it is signifigantly more powerful than the 9mm parabellum

bluesea112 wrote at 2007-12-02 17:27:22
I would like to second the vote for the Bersa Thunder 380.  The Bersa 380 was designed after the Sig 380, and has very similar manufacturing tolerances.  The Bersa Thunder ranges in price from 299.00 - 375.00, depending on the finish you choose.  Black mat is the least expensive, and nickel finish is the most expensive.  

I own two Bersa Thunder 380 pistols, and I have run thousands upon thousands of rounds through them without a single jam.  Let me repeat that...thousands of rounds without one single jam.  My suggestion is to sell the jimenez pistol, even if you have to suffer a small loss.  No sport is entered into without a bit of expense.  Think about how much it will cost you in medical expenses if that slides flies off and crushes your sinus cavity under your right cheek.  My eyes tear up just thinking about it...ouch!

Welcome to the sport of shooting.  Don't forget to join the NRA.  Without the NRA, our 2nd Amendment would have been repealed long ago.  If the 2nd Amendment is ever lost, freedom will soon follow.  Don't ever forget that.

"Foolish men will lay down their arms by order of a politician, because only the politician bound to rule an autocracy would attempt to disarm the people." - Thomas Jefferson

brazuca wrote at 2008-03-18 03:55:00
Kyle - I couldn't agree more with your answer. I just bought a 9mm CZ75B slighted used for $350 at a gun show, what a piece of art, tolerances and accuracy are undeniably of a high end pistol. At the shooting range the CZ outperformed my Walther P990 (much more expensive) by a mile. Good answer budy, if it is good for most European Police and Military it is good for me, and at $450 range it is a steal!

GlockArmorer wrote at 2009-01-17 17:19:09
Another example of Gun Snobbery at it's finest, spreading falsehoods and flagrant lies. The JA9 is the basic BROWNING (as in John, the designer of the Colt 1911) blowback design which MILLIONS of firearms  have been built upon by every major manufacturer from Browning themselves to Walther.

The slide cant come off, it is retained by the barrel, contrary to the uninformed comments made by someone on here. Jimenez, has updated this design with a magazine safety,a cocked indicator and a chambered round indicator. I have 28000 rounds through one with not a hiccup or misfeed.

I also own  Springfield Arms, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Sig, Glock and multiple others. People need to stop commenting on things they don't know about.

CCwrathchild wrote at 2009-02-09 06:11:37
I Have purchased a Jimenez 9MM and i am very happy with what i got, and yes it is true you get what you pay for, i have not had one problem with the gun yet, i am very happy with what i got for the money

Smart_toys wrote at 2009-02-26 00:58:04
I have a Bersa .380 thunder and a JA-Nine I can say i have had no problems at all with either gun. I Like the Bersa but i cary evey day my JA-Nine.

9 owner wrote at 2009-03-01 22:25:51
I have to really disagree with that answer I own a ja9 and a ja380 and I love them!!! I have shot the hell out of them and I have nothing but good things to say about these guns..I  heard negative things prior to me purchasing the guns about the guns that made me think twice so I looked into it a lil more and found out they are one of the few that are backed up by a limited life time warranty so I went ahead and purchased one. I loved it!  

Allen wrote at 2009-03-30 20:54:46
I agree with Kyle. I bought a Walther P22 for my wife to take to the gun range. While this gun doesn't have knock down power, it is cheap to shoot (.22) ammo for someone on a budget. It has a light spring on the slide action and can be operated by most females. The grip is also smaller fitting petite hands nicely.

Just be sure to get one with an "L" in the serial number as earlier models did exhibit some issues.


lucky one wrote at 2009-05-27 21:00:09
Very dangerous gun,it fired itself when i was cocking it back to shoot.I am glad I was aiming toward the object and not myself.Cheap gun,works like a charm but deadly to owner.Never aim this gun while cocking back.

Michelle wrote at 2009-08-24 17:55:24
I wished I wouldve read this site before purchasing a jimnez 9 mm about 3 weeks ago, only to come to find out that on 2 days ago at the pistol range it was a joke.  It jams every other shot.  I also know someone personally that bought one same place I did and theres did same thing, and of course the place we bought the guns refusing to refund or exchange.  I hope others read into this before buy a jimenez product.

GUN NUT wrote at 2009-11-11 18:44:38
Sir, if your on a tight budget, then you need to look at Hi Point firearms. BEST BUY for the money.  I bought a 45 ACP for 179.00.  I just ordered a 380 from Buds Gun Shop online for 117.00.  You will be extremely happy with a Hi Point Firearm.  I know I am.  By the way they have "Lifetime Warranty".

JIM wrote at 2009-12-19 17:41:29

I work in a gun store ad yes I beg you to be very careful with that gun. But if your still looking for and inexpensive gun go with Kel-Tec they are a great brand. They go from $200-$300 they are made in america and great for self-defence try it out  

Ryan wrote at 2010-02-19 03:16:18
I bought my JA9 about a year ago and the only problem I have had is my round indicator on top that shows that there is a round in the chamber broke and the spring popped out. So now everytime there is a bullet in the chamber the indicator hangs way out. The guy at the gun store told me to get the new piece since there is a lifetime warranty but I can't find anywhere to get the piece, so that's my only problem

Gary wrote at 2010-02-28 16:56:00
has jimenez improve thier guns.. i've seen reviews on you tube people have claimed the gun is reliable

i've seen them at gun shows, i'm on a tight budget $160 is a good price for one i can't afford one between 300-1,000

squale wrote at 2010-04-26 04:37:25
According to all accounts, except that of the lawyer prosecuting the "BRYCO" case, there have been no substantiated reports of ANY failures of the Jimenez 9.  The lawyer stands to gain quite a lot if his client wins, so I'd take anything he presents with a grain of salt.

There certainly are better pistols out there, BUT probably not in that same price range.  Many of the aforementioned guns are excellent choices.

Take a few hours out of your schedule and do some research...then go to a local gun show.  You should be able to find a good serviceable pistol for under $250.  I was just at a show yesterday (Phoenix) and there were tons available for around the 200 mark.  Good luck.

An armed society is a polite society

nick from california wrote at 2010-06-29 18:21:47
don't ever buy on e of these guns again i bought 3 of them and have owned them less than a year and none of them work now they are a joke of a gun and a terrible investment

brad wrote at 2011-05-18 14:28:09
i just bought my J-9 for 130, but i shot it without stopping. i shot maybe five magazines in about 3 mins. and nothing catastrophic happened. i think they are decent little guns, i am just hoping the thing doesn't prove me wrong.  

gunner3305 wrote at 2012-03-05 16:43:46
I have a Jimenez 9mm that I bought new for $200.  I've put over 500 rounds (rws 9mm lugs) and have never had a problem.  No jams, no misfires, no problems.  I've also cleaned it twice.  I believe if you take care of your gun... It will work just fine.  I keep it under my bed, and trust my life with it.  Bryco/Jennings guns made in Cali in the 80s and 90s were junk.  The guns made from Las Vegas are better quality.  My dad and I go shoot together... he has a S&W 380.  I like my Jimenez better.  It's more accurate, has more power, and feels like a real gun.  It's heavy.  Just the way I like it.  Bottom line, take care of your gun and it will work.  Go buy a $400-$600 gun one day... But keep your Jimenez and compare.  I bet you'll still be happy with it.

Ed wrote at 2012-04-25 01:43:05
I bought a JA NINE at a gun show earlier in 2012. Out of the box I put 100 rounds through it with zero jams and found the accuracy to actually be pretty good at about 30 feet. No parts fell off, the mag didn't slip out nothing unexpected. I got it strictly for plinking. Cheaper to shoot than my 1911 45 cal. I carry a Ruger LCP 380.  

Dr. RJ Lewis wrote at 2012-10-10 22:51:08
I own several 9mm semi-autos purchased from 1995 to the current time. I just bought a JA-9 at a gun show for $180. I own several of these inexpensive Jennings/Jimenez and use them as my "tackle box" firearm. As far as quality, people will say "they are pot metal guns". They are made from Zamak 3 alloy the same as the WALTHER LINE!!! You are going to pay 3 times as much for the Walther and I have had some perfomance issues with my P22. No more Walthers for me. For CC, I purchased a Bersa Thunder .380 which is a perfect CC for me. My wife likes the smaller Ruger LCP. Bersa also makes a compact 9mm for around $400. However, I personally find the 9mm to big for all day CC and I do not buy the stopping power arguement at all. There is significantly less recoil with the .380 than the compact 9mm's. What good is a larger caliber if you cannot hit what you are aiming at? Keep the JA-9 for car, boat, or motocycle carry. If it gets dropped or stolen you are not out $400-700. There are those that are gun snobs and I was recently kicked off the CCW forum because I mentioned that I would not deter someone from buying a JA firearm

jt wrote at 2013-03-04 21:46:49
If the gun is jamming do not be so fast to blame the gun take a look at the ammo you use. I have a friend that has a Springfield hand gun he got Wolf ammo the gun fill not work right with that ammo it jammed every single shot. He got new ammo and the thing works just fine so look at the ammo before you look at the gun.  

Droidmage wrote at 2013-04-11 20:00:44
Also if your JA-NINE is jamming make sure your not shooting ammo heavier than 115 gr. as it is not rated for it and from everything thing I've seen about the gun this will cause jamming as will low quality amo. Wolf is the worst ammo on the planet it is nothing but trash I've never fired Wolf ammo in any caliber without problems.

jp wrote at 2013-04-23 01:25:24
man i got a 9mm jimenez nickle plated and its done its job never jamming or bad experiences....i dont think its the weapon but the man who takes care of it hell you can have the best car in the world but if you dont put oil in it itll blow up!!!! take care of your product and itll take care of you!!! its hard to find anything made in U.S.A. and wouldnt trust anything els!!! either way it goes know that the seller is reliable as far as maintenence goes like i said abuse anything and itll come back to bite ya ....long story short my 9mm jimeneze nickle is most reliable next to my glock .40

madkilla602phx wrote at 2014-01-19 23:13:41
Oil your gun twice a week. And remember no

Gun is beter than another they all are equaly

dangerous its a wepon not for sport but for

protction and if someone is 30 feet away from you

Thier probably not bothering you.  

madkilla602phx wrote at 2014-01-19 23:13:58
Oil your gun twice a week. And remember no

Gun is beter than another they all are equaly

dangerous its a wepon not for sport but for

protction and if someone is 30 feet away from you

Thier probably not bothering you.  

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