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Guns N` Roses/meaning of "this I love"


DeMan wrote at 2014-02-13 22:38:05
first i want to advice you about my bad English

I don't read anything about the artist when they had written this song, but for me, the meaning of this song is that a boy loves a girl but is afraid to tell her the truth because he is scared to be rejected.

Another idea is that this song is about thinking at the person you love and you are sad and sorrow and when you see her again you feel alive again.

David wrote at 2016-04-23 15:36:28
Thematically, I also think it could be an answer to Sweet Child O' Mine. The question at the end of that song, of course, is where he and Erin "go" from a moment of youthful love. In This I Love, Axl may be sharing how he wishes to return to that moment.  

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