Guns N` Roses/Axl racist?


Stas wrote at 2007-12-08 21:38:16
That was basically the worst explanation behind comments percieved as racist or homophobic that I've ever seen.  Honestly, like even Eminem has a better explanation for why he sings about beating his mother.  That is soooooooooo dumb.


"When I used the word faggots, I wasn't coming down on gays. I was coming down on an element of gays. "

Which part was he coming down on? The gay part? He heard a story about a gay hooker with AIDs and used the word "faggot" because of that.  That kind of assumes that hooking and having aids is integral to homosexuality...which is not true.  There are straight hookers with AIDs.  

but...he kind of admits that he's I guess I'll just explain why his explanation for not being racist is horrible

1. He had a black body guard, who was one of his best friends! So, when black people are good when they protect you from getting you ass kicked.  The whole "I have a black friend so I'm not racist" thing is stupid - having one black friend means you think you found someone who's an exception to general dislike towards a racial group.  It does not mean that you put people of different races on an even footing when you first meet them, it just means that if someone is really awesome they can overcome how you generally feel about the group that person is a part of.  

2. "he most important thing about "One in a Million" is that it got people to think about racism."

The idea of something being good because it starts up discussions about why it's bad is also silly.  What I wrote might just be unclear...but for example take segregation.  By the same logic, segregation was good because it got people talking about racism!  If something gets people talking about racism because it is racist, it shouldn't be considered super productive.

3. The racist part isn't just the language he uses to describe African Americans, but the way in which he identifies black culture with illegal street vending.  The very idea that illegal street operations are a part of "black culture" ENTRENCH racism in society.  Even if racism is to some extent inevitable, viewing street vending as exclusively African American contributes to social separation.  

Also - what about immigrants?

What, is it just OKAY to have anti-immigrant sentinment? Yeah, all the immigrants bring the disease and hurt all of us.  Honestly, anti-immigrant arguments make no sense.  The United States is a combination of many cultures - that is supposed to be its unique and amazing foundation.  Why was it okay for people to immigrate back in the day, but now not okay?

Next, he says that his comments were not meant to directly oppose groups, but rather particular instances where he disliked people carrying some of those groups' culture.  That is not how the song is phrased.  It never says, "I don't like that one gay dude who spread AIDs!", it generally opposes groups of people.  

As for the apology, I guess everyone has to personally decide how they feel about it.  In that interview he seems to reinterpret the song and twist the meanings of the lyrics, not admit he was wrong and apologize.

Gabriel_4EVR wrote at 2015-10-03 06:13:03
Axl is definitely not racist ! As a matter of fact, Axl Rose & Guns N' Roses used to hang out with Eazy E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube & N.W.A.. Search for, "When Eazy E met Axl Rose", and you'll see the the proof. N.W.A. also has a song titled "Appetite for Destruction", the name of Guns N' Roses album. Eazy E also made unpublished music with Guns N' Roses. Eazy E admits he made music with Guns N' Roses in "Eazy E's Last Interview". Also, Ice-T is friends with Axl Rose. Axl Rose personally brought Ice-T's all black metal band, Body Count, to tour with Guns N' Roses & Metallica in 1992. Axl can not be racist, having so many black friends, and lending a helping hand to an all black rock band !

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