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Angela Nicoletti wrote at 2008-04-26 22:32:34

So many corrections this young girl didn´t know about..

My lawyer will be in contact with all parties concerned regarding Slandering my name with this band once again.

I Am Happily Married for 18 years to Andy McCoy

( Another big mistake) you have written.

Check the facts first people.

Thank you,

Mrs.Angela Nicoletti McCoy  

Angela Nicoletti wrote at 2008-04-26 22:43:13


My lawyers will be in contact with the company that promotes utter slander.

You did get 1 thing right. That Johnny Thunders is my cousiin.

No idea about this song being written about me.

I am happily married ( by the way, you said: Use to be...We have been for 18 years now..


Marriages and feelings are at play here and now my lawyer is involved.

You should of done more research and understood the consequences.



Angela wrote at 2014-12-19 20:02:20
To Irina,

I am so sorry for writing out in anger way back then. (Appox 10 years ago)?

You must be a very Talented Young Lady today.

Very clever!

I am saddened to see your still posting this letter I posted to you?


I had no idea `You Could be mine´was written about me at that time....


I do know `Patience´was written in the beginning  of a approx:

Three to four year Relationship with Izzy!

He was a very Private Man & I respect that!

That goes for all that were involved in The Original lineup.

Please except my Heartfelt Apology Irina.

Happy Holidays!

BTW: Without the consent Of Mr. Izzy Stradlin,

I will not write more on ANY subject regarding GNR!....

Izzy knows I have the original Cassette & Text  for `Patience´ that will never be seen, Unless he asks!

This is only my take on things...


Angela Nicoletti McCoy  x

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