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Gymnastics/chiropractors for gymnasts


Christine Wood wrote at 2010-10-16 03:34:30
Some of the girls on our gymnastic team have seen Chiropractors.  I can say that the best comments to those girls are, "How does she come back so quickly."  The response is, "She gets adjusted."  Chiropractic can do wonders on a growing spine under such stress.  For those older girls, their "tricks" can bring upon micro-trauma from repetition.

Best advice I can give:  try it!

Dr. Joseph P. Wood wrote at 2013-09-17 22:21:11
Chiropractic care can greatly benefit all athletes including gymnist.  The majority of the NFL uses chiropractic care to be in top condition for the game.

I have also gravitated towards being a "movement specialist".  I use Gray Cook's FMS or Functional Movement Screen that looks at the 7 basic human movements that ALL human movement is derived from.

The FMS can help to reveal WHY an athlete is injured, prevent injuries via screening and IMPROVE performance.

If a movement issue is revealed then specific exercises, stretches and care are given for that person's unique movement profile.  


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