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tanya wrote at 2014-10-14 12:33:15
I would definitely get a new coach if you're not doing a back hand spring. My daughter is 6 started cheerleading the end of July and had no tumbling skills. Aug came she had a front and back walk over. Aug they started training a back hand spring. With in the first 5 times of spotting she had it on a wedge mat alone. From there she had it on the ground in a week. Gymnastics is competitive just like cheer all stars. This is only going once a week for an hour. After she had the hand spring on the ground she could automatically do a round off back hand spring with no spot. She made it into a round off triple back hand spring by herself. All this was in a month time frame from having no hand stands or bridges. Not saying it's flawless  but her legs are together and knees slightly bent doing a back hand spring. Corrected it's right 5 out of 8. She is moving to tucks


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