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Hi! I am a dancer and gymnastics enthusiast who is just now learning to tumble. We started front handsprings today, and I got one on my second try (which made me super happy, haha) but I keep twisting on my landing foot- like, it hits the ground and I stand up but before my second foot can hit, I twist on the foot that's down, and end up facing the other way or stumbling. I wanted I know if you maybe had any drills or tips to help me work on not twisting so I can land these properly?
Thanks so much!

Hello Maddi,
         I am very glad to help you.  First of all, when you place one foot in front of the other….one hip is in front of the other.  And as a result, your back leg will kick off a little.  Also, you need to be aware of that action.  The body does things instinctively and your want to make sure you are aware of what is happening. For example, check to make sure your feet are not crossing when you hurdle.  This is a common problem.  Remember to push off both hands at the same time and understand that landing on one foot out of a handspring is fine if you are trying to connect it to another skill.  Landing on two feet means that you quickened the front push leg to catch up to the back leg (kick leg).  FYI, I have to compliment you for landing so well on your first couple.  A handspring is a blind skill and you apparently have a good tumbling sense.  I hope I have helped a little in your understanding of the front handspring and best of luck to you in the future.  Take Care – Jack Leonard
Drill:  Run up and put your hands on the top end surface of a spring board and pop from the shoulders to land flat on your back on a 8” landing mat.  The drill helps you to check if you are twisting or not by landing flat on your back.   This drill is also good for vaulting


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