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Hi, I  started competitive gymnastics again five months ago  after a two year break to do dancing. I lost a lot of muscle and strength (although I managed to keep some of it) and gained a bit of excess fat. Do you have an exercises and tips to build more muscle and strength? If you could provide me with any advice on my diet that would be great as well.

Hi Carolyn,
Your body will adjust naturally as you change your daily activities, but if you are looking for some ways to speed up the process you can do some conditioning at home.  Check out for some general ideas, or if you have a pull up bar at home you can try some of the exercises I demonstrated at

For diet just make sure you are eating quality foods which are full of nutrients.  What I mean is when you have an option to choose organic or natural foods then go for that, and avoid heavily processed foods like what you might find at a fast food restaurant or a snack vending machine.  It's like putting better quality gas in your car, you'll feel much better that way and your body will be able to handle the increased exercise you are doing.


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