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hello, it's me again.

i haven't been training for awhile, i know I'm not up to  more difficult flipping, but i have always have had been curious about spotting while flipping. when doing a standing back, i can't see the ground or anything, i just stick my feet out and hope i catch the ground right. this has recently(past six months) caused me to lose my back tuck, landed on my neck, I've over rotated completely, i open too soon. so are there any drills or methods of training that would allow me to slow down the flip in my head, so hopefully i can one, feel more comfortable, and two, actually execute the flip right?

it all may not be super useful to me, as i have horrible vision, my glasses have gone flying across the gym many times.

thanks for the help


There are a lot of drills that you can be doing if you are in a gym where there are mats, pits and a trampoline. But you probably don't have those resources. Some things that may help you: 1. It is possible to have someone spot you on the flip. They can push up on your back while you set off the ground to help with the lift and rotation. This should make it a little safer, especially for under-rotation. 2. You can do the drill of jumping backward onto a mat to learn a better set action. You need to get used to jumping upward first to get off the ground, well. 3. Do the back flip off an elevated surface with a soft mat for landing. You need to get used to the air sense of where you are in space. Doing a lot of flip in a safe environment is important to getting consistent and safe on the ones you do without mats. 4. Be careful to not throw your head backward too aggressively. You will get less height and will also change where you think you are in the air. Throwing your head back isn't a good thing. 5. Try to videotape what you are doing and look at the tape. You can learn a lot from seeing what you are actually doing.
Good luck.


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