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I want to improve my bridge but  when I go into a bridge my elbows are bent  what can I do to get my elbows straight I tried everything  I tried push-ups I tried weight lifting I tried dips and nothing works.   I've been  doing bridges for 6 years  want to be able to bridge kickovers and backwalkovers and backhand springs  I used to be in gymnastics and now I'm doing cheerleading. And I just turn 26 is because the older I get the less flexible I get.  I need help really bad

There are two suggestions I can make.
1. A tight body drill to help you learn the feel of your body. Once you can feel if your tight it's lots easier to keep that way,
2. Practice lots and lots of regular practice. Try to keep a regular work out schedule and it will pay off when you skip it takes twice as much time to catch up so keep steady regular sessions.

1. Tight body drill.
This drill helps to get better control of your body and better feel for where it is. First Stretch you fingers toward the ceiling AND push up with your TOES Get a friend to push down on your fingertips to give you resistance Then feel how gradually ever muscle in between becomes tight. This feeling will help you learn to control your body. Once you begin to get more feeling of where your body is without having to think about it try the drill with your eyes closed to increase your feel but always work on the apparatus with them open. Also try to see how quickly you can get to an instant tight from a relaxed position. After that get a friend to apply resistance and lower and raise your arms down and back up the front keeping stretched, pay close attention to feel all the muscles in your body remain tight. Don't forget to have your friend give resistance up and down. This will teach you to have much better control even when you aren't reaching up. It also doesn’t matter what skill you do or what piece of equipment you are on, the tight body drill will help you control every trick better and feel more confident if you have control from beginning to end of the skill if you learn to maintain the tight stretch for the whole trick.
I hope these tips help! you might also try videoing your progress It will help you catch those issues you want to get rid of.


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