ive been wondering what i should do for my legs. i have chicken legs, or i atleast think so. flexibility is an issue, i have left leg forward splits after a good warm up-but that is because i pulled my left ham a while back and when it healed it also became much more flexible. i was considering trying to pull the right one too, but risky injury is hardly an adequate training method. i want strong legs, for sprinting, jumping and for holding strict position for proper rebound. what are some good leg conditioning drills? for explosive power or anything related to gymnastics. my hip flexors are bit weak, kinda why i don't have flairs on a mushroom yet.


ps although time in the gym is becoming limited for me, i started to feel the backtuck more and can see the ground before my feet slam into it, still working on more control-but progress feels good.


You should be doing flexibility and strength almost on a daily basis. Squatting, punching, landing off of events, etc. These things will not effect your flexibility if you stretch before and after doing the exercises. To really get your legs stronger, you could supplement your gymnastics training with actual weight work outside of the gym. This will develop your leg strength the most quickly. Even using dumbells in the gym would help with this process. Your coach should have a list of exercises that will help with this.


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