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Hi Pam,
I am having trouble with my level 6 dismount on beam. When I attempt the first cross handstand my head is out, I can get it in but it scares me a lot, even with a coach spotting, and when I turn for the second side handstand my shoulders close and I do not twist off to the proper side. Can you help me fix this problem?

My coach makes me do handstand forward rolls, but these do not seem to help me with the dismount.

Also, what is the deduction for not doing a skill, in my most previous meet I fell 2x on my dismount and did not make it, so I didn't complete one. I watched the video of my routine and I had a severely arched back in the first handstand.

What i don't understand is that another girl in my gym, in level6 with me, did a dismount with her head out, and she made the dismount with good form and made it. How is this possible?

I would really like to compete in my upcoming meet in 2 weeks, and I need a dismount for beam.

Sammy K

Hi Samantha,

I would be doing the same as your coach with the handstand fwd rolls. And do lots of numbers. It sounds like it is not a technique issue, but a fear issue. The repetition will help that. I know it's frustrating, but sometimes these things get in our heads...and you have to decide if you want the skill more than you are afraid of it.

The deduction for not attempting the dismount is very different than the deduction for attempting it and being incomplete on it.  

Not going for it at all would cost the gymnast double the value of the element.  That element is worth 8/10's or 0.80, so double the value would result in a 1.6 deduction.

The example given in the rules book can give you a realistic idea of what the deductions "could" be. These deductions do not include body position faults.

"When the gymnast attempts, but fails to complete the dismount, apply the specific deductions as listed for those phases not performed.

EXAMPLE: Attains first vertical, no hold, then falls:
0.10 Lack of hold-cross handstand
0.10 incomplete 90* turn to side handstand
0.30 no vertical on Side Handstand
0.20 lack of hold-Side Handstand

As far as your teammate making it, it could be either balance or strength related.

Try thinking of the dismount a little more like a slow moving roundoff...that might help you get over your fear of twisting the dismount.

Good luck, Hope I answered you questions.

0.10 incomplete 90* turn off

= 0.80 (incomplete element) + 0.50 (fall) for a total of 1.30


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