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I am a 20 year old male in Tyler Tx, where I coach and do gymnastics. I probably train 15 hours or so a week. Recently I have been having some very very painful back problems. It feels like my lower vertebrae in the lumbar region are rubbing together. I train mostly on the rings, and the big swinging on them is what is causing the pain. When I'm in my back swing, the pain is excruciating. Front swing not much at all. I've got a pretty deep pike stretch, but my coach says my upper back bends and my lover back doesn't much. He thinks it's a flexibility issue. I can't even train the pain is so bad right now. What do you think is going on here, and what do I do about it?
Thank you so much.

Hello Jared,

You are able to tell exactly where the pain is and what makes it worse. Can you also state what makes it better? Do you have any weakness, numbness or tingling down your legs or in your feet? Once the pain starts, what does it take to stop it? Is pain increasing in frequency, duration, and intensity? Do you have a history of any other injuries? Are you taking the time to maintain a good core and good technique? All good questions to have answers to before you go have this checked out by a sport medicine or orthopedic physician. Get this checked out now.

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