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Hi, I recently started training front tucks on beam. I find that after awhile my feet really start to hurt, especially my heels. Any solution to this or am I doing something wrong to cause this?

Hi Hayley,
The beam is a relatively hard surface so the force of impact needs to be absorbed by your body for the most part.  Are you landing on your heels?  If I were you I would do some high tuck jumps on beam and practice landing on the balls of my feet and bend my ankles and knees a bit to absorb the shock until I can land comfortably.  Then when doing front tucks I'd try to land the same way.  

You might be landing on the balls of your feet but if you aren't rotated enough out of your front tuck you'll hit your heels pretty quick and give them a big shock.  In that case you'll need to work on higher tuck jumps or tighter tucking (or both) in order to rotate faster.



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