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Hi, I recently learned how to do a front limber. Now I want to do a front walkover, I can split my legs but I can't get up from one foot. Please help. Thanks.

Hi Ashliegh,

When you are doing the front limber, try to concentrate on your knees and how they work to help you stand up.  A front walkover is a one-legged front limber.  You need to be pushing out of your shoulders and straightening your knees for a front limber, the same for the front walkover.



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I can answer questions about technique, choreography, skill values for both Women's USAG JO rules and NFHS rules. I have been in this sport for 35 plus years as an athlete and a coach. I have been a judge for 15 plus years.


I have been in the sport for 30 plus years, as a gymnast, coach, choreographer,pre-school gymnastics instructor, and official.I was the gymnastics director for 10 years at a summer day camp

I have a USAG level 10 judges rating. I am also a NJSIAA judge which uses the NFHS rules.

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