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I asked a question a day or so ago and you were a bit confused.  I was trying to learn different ways to hold the straddle  (ie balancing in a straddle position supported only on the hands.)

Thanks Michell, now I understand what you are trying to hold :)

There is a simple concept that is used to help circus performers balance on the high wire that is useful to understand in this case.  When they carry a long stick it makes it easier to balance because the weight is distributed over a wide area.  

To apply that to a straddle hold, make sure that your legs are straight and toes are pointed so they stretch out as far as possible.  You don't need to be in a full split position, just make your weight spread out as much as you can.  In the same way, you want to lean your head forward and your bottom back to spread out.  Your arms should be almost straight up and down, not leaning much in any direction.  

If more strength is needed, V ups will help as well as sitting leg lifts (where you sit in a pike, put your hands by your knees and lift your legs up).


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