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Gymnastics/push up problem


I am unable to do a single push up, I don't know what to do? I tried a lot to do push ups but I am unable to perform a single push up. When I tried to do a push up I even can't stand my  hand to grip the space. Please help me..........i have to perform 50 push up in 1 minutes after 10 days.

Hello Ali,
Going from zero to 50 pushups in 10 days is very ambitious, but I can help you get started.  If a regular pushup is too difficult for you then start by doing a pushup with your hands higher than your feet - maybe even as high as a table.  Then when that gets easy move your hands a bit lower, like a chair.  When that gets easy move to something smaller.  Actually it might be better to do it on the stairs, with your feet at the bottom of the stairs and your hands several stairs up.  Then just move down one as it gets easier until you get to the floor.


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