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Hi I need help with my back handspring. I have a fear of jumping back. I'm trying to use jumping back over pillows but I want to learn how to gain the confidence. Any help?

Hello there,

There is an easy answer and a hard answer. The easy answer is to practice, practice, practice.

The harder answer involves more. Why are you afraid? Do you have reason to be afraid? Past injury? Observed a fall? Have you practiced falling? Do you know how to stop a skill and roll to safety? Is this skill too advanced? Do you have the flexibility and strength to do the skill? Have you tried falling backward into someone's arms? Have you tried falling backward off a diving board? Have you tried mental imagery? Seeing yourself do the skill? Have you tried breaking the skill down into parts and accomplishing each part before you try the entire skill? So, you have lots to think about and many ways to approach this issue. Good luck. YOU CAN DO IT!!!



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