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Gymnastics/Splits pain in thighs


Whenever I do the splits, my outer thighs hurt the more I push down, and I want to get my kicks higher but my kick chamber doesn't get very high up

Joe, Not being A medical Doctor I don't want to tell you about your hips, however I can relate to hip pain, and so could my Karate instructor Bill (superfoot) Wallace. He never stopped working on his flexibility. I can remember one day in workout he told me that no matter how much he worked on his splits his body seemed to always work harder to reverse his efforts.
I do recommend that if you don't have any progress and continue to have pain that you see a doctor and perhaps have an MRI done to ascertain if there are any issues in your hip and upper leg area.
"Flexibility once attained must constantly be maintained."
A rule of thumb that most athletes must live by.
Keep working on it and once you get there don't stop or you will have to start all over again, and it never gets easier just harder...!
Sorry to break the news to you.
I can also recommend you watch your diet and supplements that might also help with the muscle pain. Try less meat and more veggies.
A little Bozwellian Cream seems to help with most muscle pains I have. and it is only about 7 bucks, but don't ignore pain if it persists, see a doctor.
Good luck and let me know how it goes.


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