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My granddaughter is 9 years of age.  Commenced with Monkeynastics at the age of 4 and then continued with gymnastics.  She is competing on level 3 (for the second year).  She is terrified of the vault.  According to the coach - a small town in a small province - she has the talent but she has to overcome her fear.  She is also doing ballet and is competing in her third year.  She achieved two gold pins for ballet but the best she receives for gymnastics is silver.  She is "double-jointed" and very flexible.  She only receive training twice a week for an hour.  We have asked for more lessons and the coach very reluctantly agreed and the improvement during all the routines were fab - except for the vault which is lower at every competition.  Latest score 6.8.  We had her a gym at a club in a town 120 km from us yesterday and the coach is very enthusiastic except that she finds that Rene's core is not strong enough that is why she fears the vault.  What and  how can I assist this little girl to live out her dreams?

Hi Joey,
It is a common issue for people that want to do gymnastics to live far away from a gym they might benefit from.  I've been there myself.  The good news is there are many things that can be done at home to make the time at the gym be safer and more fun.  The most comprehensive resource I have seen for gymnastics conditioning exercises is at  

If gaining core strength will help your granddaughter feel more confident about vault then you will find exercises there that she can do at home to help with that.  If she still has trouble after getting stronger you might take a look at for some more ideas about overcoming irrational fears.


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