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QUESTION: Which book/magazine would you recommend for a 13 yr. old gymnast, who will be fulfilling her reading requirements at school, through independent study, by reading about the topic/activity dearest to her heart? (Gymnastics)

Aloha & Mahalo

ANSWER: Hi Sarah,
        I am very glad to help you.  The following book I gave to all my team kids.  

Going For It!
Written and Illustrated by Mark Gibson
Published by High Bar Performance

FYI:  I live on Kauai :) and own the Kauai Gymnastics Academy  :)
Take Care and enjoy the book -- Jack Leonard

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I do know you personally, Jack, as one of your "charges" is who I made the inquiry for. I could have asked you in person, but this way, others may benefit from your answer.

Did you have a magazine to recommend, too. Or are they all about equal?

Mahalo again.
Sarah (+ Celeste)

Hi Sarah,
        I will bring in the magazine on Thursday for Celeste and you to see.  It is called International Gymnast. The address for subscription is below.  See you soon -- coach Jack

Paul Ziert & Associates Inc.
International Magazine
3214 Bart Conner Drive
PO BOX 721020
Norman, Oklahoma  73070

Telephone:  405-447-9988
Letters to the editor:
$30 per year


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I value the following awards because they were given by acknowlegement through my peers: The Nissen/Grissold Award given to the outstanding Tumbling and Tramp Athlete(1972), National High School coach of the year in 1981 for men and 2001 for women, 10 time County Coach of the Year. Medal Award given at the first World Tumbling Championships in London, England for dedication to the sport. Lastly, having the opportunity to coach Wes Suter(1988 Olympian)in his intermediate years and Dominique Dawes(1992 & 1996)

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