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Hi there,

I am new to gymnastics and have 3 girls in competition this year.  My youngest is in new level 2 and my twins are in new level 3.  We would love to understand more about the sport.  My first question is: What are the judges looking for and what will give deductions during their routine?  My second question is:  Can you give us some tips they can use to adjust in their routines that may help them improve their scores?

They have their next competition in two weeks and I would love to help them in anyway to bring their scores up some more.  My twins are doing pretty well but my younger one lacks focus sometimes in a large group setting.  I feel that if I have some knowledge about the sport I can assist her at home with some one on one and help her in the areas she needs improvement.

Thanks so much for your advice!

Hi Meredith,

That's a lot of information to cover. I normally answer only one question per post. But, I think you need some go-to information.

Normally, I don't plug books, but this one I ghost wrote for a former women's Olympic coach and I really think the information in the book will help you greatly.

The book is titled, Gymnastics: Your Best Meet Ever! by Rita Brown and is available on Amazon.

Like I said, I hate to do shameless promoting, but I truly believe this book will provide you with all the answers you need - and then some. Unfortunately I do not have the room in this format or the time to write an extensive answer which is what your questions require.

If I am wrong or you feel this answer did not meet your needs, please let me know.


Coach Rik


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