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Gymnastics/bar change question


I have my bar routine ready, but where I live, you get an extra 0.5 point for doing a flight skill from HB to LB.

My current routine is:

starting on on LB: kip, straddle cast handstand, stalder (most of the time to handstand), toe hecht to high bar, kip straddle cast handstand, giant giant, layout flyaway.

So I wanted to change it, maybe start on high bar and do a bar change from HB to LB to get the extra points.

I am only a L7, so I can't do any big moves. I was thinking about a overshoot or straddle back because they are the most common, but I guess this takes pretty long to learn, doesn't it? Are those very hard moves?

I will be competing in 5 months, so this is all the time I have and I haven't worked on any bar changes from HB to LB before.

I had a look at the Code the Pointage and found the following: "Clear straddle circle on HB with grip change to hang on low bar." It is a B skill. Do you know what that is? It is like when you do a mini stalder, but not finishing and instead letting go of the HB and grabbing the LB.
This should be easier for me than a straddle back if I already have my stalder, won't it?

Do you have any other ideas or recommendations of flight skills from HB to LB which are relatively easy to learn?

Thanks in advance!

An overshoot is more difficult that a straddle back by a little.  The skill you are describing is a peach basket, it is similar to a Pak Salto which is a D.  The Pak is stretched out like a flyaway the Peach is the closed straddle shape you describe.

Those pretty much sum up the flight skills you see for this level.  A sole circle catch the high bar, aka chinese sit up, aka toe shoot, aka hiccup, is also a common flight. It's value is a C so make sure it can be used at the level you are.


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