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I am a 31 year old coach. but I only coach bars and floor. I have been a gymnast myself, I was pretty good on bars doing release moves and on floor I had quite nice skills, too. On beam all I did was a BH! I hated beam! However, I am still pretty fit and can do most of the tumbling stuff and I am able to do a nice L8 Bar Routine.

Some other coaches at my gym and I decided to take part in an adult competition in our area, just for fun. The comp will be in October this year, so 9 months to go!

I am pretty excited because I guess this will be a lot of fun. However, I am scared of beam. I always hated this event. But I would love to have an acro skill up there! (except walkovers, that isn't good for my "old" back.)

So I was either thinking about a normal BH stepout or a Korbut Flick. If you don't now what that is, here is a video:

The coaches at our gym think they are easier than normal BHS, but they don't like to teach them too early, because they are scared they might mess up the BH technique.

I have no idea, but I think I am less scared of that than a regular BH.
What do you think is easier? I have no idea, I never coach beam! But if I would guess, I can imagine that the korbut flick might be easier. They tend to be underut a bit which is easier, plus you don't have to worry about putting two feet down!

I would appreciate your help!


Hi Rita,
Personally I haven't done either, but it does look like the Korbut Flick would be easier to land, like you said.  You might want to start it on the floor with an 8 inch mat though just to get a feel for it.  Once you get onto the beam I would recommend starting with a sting mat or something pretty soft to land on like in the video you should be fine.
Have fun!


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