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Thank you for the time you take to help here!
I have a 10 yo level 4 JO gymnast who is mentally maxed out.  She is a people pleaser and gets upset by coaches' negativity with her and drama from competitive parents.  She has some learning issues, and we participate in gymnastics for the physical and social benefits.

So, we are looking for an alternative to artistic gym that will give her a team, further her skills, and most of all, provide vocational possibilties since college is probably not for her.

She has enjoyed circus arts, acro, dance and swim.  She would love to be in Cirque du Soleil!  We live in the San Francisco bay area, so most businesses are within an hours drive.  Any suggestions for a direction that would train her to work in your industry?

ANSWER: Peggy,
Cirque is a job, it's not just an adventure.  I have a good friend in Montreal with Cirque;

and if you and your daughter are truly serious about long strenuous practice sessions and high pressure performance demands then it may be for your daughter, but it is usually a young adult vocation, but it could be an aspiration to look into.
Rythmic Gymnastics;

might be much more fun with less pressure as is also theater dance, a good friend of mine has had a wonderful career as Peter Pan

on stage for many years and she was an Olympic gymnast prior to that.
I hope this gives you a couple of fun choices.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Chris,  We have researched your great suggestions, and are narrowing down the possibilities.  I did want to clarify that Cirque would be an adult goal, not for the present ;)

One more question:  Will she attain enough skills to work in movie stunts, circus, or teaching gymnstics by taking recreational gymnastics/tumbling classes 3-4 days per week?  Or, should she stay in the competitive track with Excel (we are done with JO) ?

Thanks again,

Peggy, that is po $ible it will be up to her own desire to Excell and improve her skill level, the right coach should understand  especially if you are willing to pay for lessons.I would also look at a lot of summer gymnastics  camps like Woodward  and others to supliment her interest.
Good luck,


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