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My daughter is a level 4 and very strong on bars, with the exception of her squat on.   She is shared to ssh of doing it.   Last summer she learned it and did it with no problem.   Then in fall she just stopped doing it.   She scratched her first meet.   Over Christmas break she got it again and her coach thought that was it.   But every meet since she freaks herself out and has yet to do it in competition.   Or coach has tried everything she knows.... being patient and kind,  bring even more strict,  having her work with younger kids, having her work with older girls,  offering incentives.   She is out of ideas.  Do you have any ideas?  Thanks!

Hi Becky,
I can tell you are very concerned about your daughter's progress in gymnastics, and as a parent myself I can relate.  In situations like what your daughter is going through I think the most effective approach is to remove the pressure by replacing the skill with something else or removing it altogether from training and competitions.  When your daughter is ready to try it again she will do it on her own, and it will happen faster without the pressure of coaches, parents, and teammates watching her every move.


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