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My daughter is a level 6 gymnast and is 12 years old and loves the sport. She was giving a floor routine that I feel does not work for her but since I am not an expert on routines I was looking for some help.  How can I help improve her floor routine?

As a really can't help her other than to give her support.  It is the job of her coaches to help her with her floor routine.  If you are not comfortable with how your daughter is being coached you should consider switching gyms.  I don't mean for this to sound as abrupt as it does, but it truly is the job of the coach you are paying.


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Pam Rafe-Borges


I can answer questions about technique, choreography, skill values for both Women's USAG JO rules and NFHS rules. I have been in this sport for 35 plus years as an athlete and a coach. I have been a judge for 15 plus years.


I have been in the sport for 30 plus years, as a gymnast, coach, choreographer,pre-school gymnastics instructor, and official.I was the gymnastics director for 10 years at a summer day camp

I have a USAG level 10 judges rating. I am also a NJSIAA judge which uses the NFHS rules.

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