I am a personal injury attorney in NY. I have a case involving a 7 year old who was at a gymnastics party. She was on the low balance beam (7 inches above ground). The staff was spotting her on the beam. She was wearing socks (not one's with grips on bottom). The staff did not spot her for the last step off the beam and the child slipped off the end fracturing her elbow.
I would like to ask you if in your opinion, as an expert in gymnastics, if it was a deviation from gymnastic standards for the staff at the gym to not spot the 7 year old for the last step off. The gym states that it was the parents responsibility to always be close to their child.
thank you

Hi Debbie,

I am not sure this qualifies as a "deviation from gymnastics standards."

If the gymnast seemed confident and competent walking across the beam it is not unusual for a coach to release his/her grip on the gymnast to allow an unencumbered dismount.

I think the key factor here is the socks. Typically, a gymnast and/or any participant in a gymnastics birthday party would take their socks off. Kind of like taking your shoes off before jumping in the pool. Socks can make walking across the beam a slippery experience.

Regarding parents, I would not even let them on the floor. My personal belief is more injuries happen to parents trying to relive their "glory days" than happen to the party participants.

Hope this helps.

Coach Rik


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