Dear AnJana,

I have a very basic understanding of the HTML language that I used to put together a web site.
I would like my web pages to look the same for all monitor resolutions. I have done some research on this but I find the advise very confusing.
Can you simplify this procedure and explain to me how I can do this on my web site?
Please let me know what information you need to know so that you can help.
I greatly appreciate your time and effort.

Thank you,


Hi Schott,

Well, if you need the resolutions to be consistent among all monitor resolutions, browsers, etc , you have to decide a suitable height and width first. In common you can pick whatever height and width for your website. But that won't help your requirement which is to standardizing resolution of the size. So here is a website, will help you to determine the suitable height and width for your website. Website will show you what is common, most popular in different areas in the world.

But if you went through the list, you will realize 1366 x 768 is the most common pick in all over the places. But I suggest while sticking with 768px as width , you can have whatever amount as for the height of your page. That's because, visitors are having no problems in scrolling up and down comparing to left and right. So the web page should not be exceed the size in width, which will go beyond the screen width (768 most of the times), but you are free to maintain a comfortable height as per your need.

Please do get back to me if there's any.

Anjana Silva  


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