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Hi Dan,
How can I wrap code on my web page.
You see a lot of code tags in forums, where you highlight the code and press the code tag button and the code is in a seperate box.
Some forums require you to type in the start and ending code for example.

[code] your text [/code]

But when I type this into the html on my web page, it just comes out how I typed it.

Please see the attached image for better understanding.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Paul,

You haven't asked a question here, but I am imagining you want to know why that doesn't work on your website?

Many forums have their own code language, called bbCode, which is what you've referenced.  There are some ways to get basic code display on your site very simply, but to allow you to have it color coded and such requires an external library.

on your website, instead of [code][/code] use the standard HTML code tags of .

If you want to keep your tabs, you'll also need to use the HTML preformatted text tag to keep your code preformatted.

In conclusion, try this:



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