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Hi Hope you can help. I've copied html from the website of the national organization which I'm a part, in an effort to build a similiar website for our local chapter. The only thing that will be different is the logo and the trim around the site (which I guess is the actual backdrop on the site). I've looked at the html and have figured how to change the color of the trim and I've changed it to a few colors but I haven;t been able to figure out how to change it to the color I want.

In the section of the html where the color instruction is written there is not a code for the color, it has the actual name of the color. It was blue. I've took the word blue out, wrote green and gotten green,red and gotten red (or something thats looks like blood). There are only a few colors that I've been able to make it. Fuchsia is the color I want but when I write it in or purple for that matter or lime (whatever) I just get white. I've also tried replacing the name of the color with different html color codes but I just get white. One of the codes I've used is #ff00ff

I also went to the top of the page to see if it started out with some "body background" code but it didn't. It had something like "body id". but nothing following that line with a color name or a code. I did however still go to the top and add a "Body background color" to it and that changed it but it changed much more then just the trim around the site

The code that came just before the blue color I wanted to change were the letters css (I think).

I've been working at this for 2 days now just on the trim, and I don;t know how to fix the problem. I hope you can help me do this


Hi Karl,

It sounds like you've done everything right.  The HEX value (code) you uses is valid, and should work.  I have no idea why it won't work for you.

Can you contact a webmaster with your national organization, and see if they can help at all?


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