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HTML/Figures IN PLACE of their links


QUESTION: Is there any   html-browser (or add-on )/ ebook-reader(SWxPC)  that can shaw figures/pictures  IN PLACE of their links ( on the SAME PAGE WHERE THE LINK APPEAR , rearranging the page around the new opened figure ) ?
What on the contrary every SW I know do is loading ANOTHER PAGE (the one containing the figure) .

Thank You .

ANSWER: Hello Enrico,

Do you want to show figures/pictures except for showing links?

Is there any specific web page you are going to see or which website caused you to think of a this kind of a solution?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry for the misunderstanding,as I said I'm in trouble both with english and with computer science.

I am looking for a way to more comfortably reading scientific/mathematical papers .
Often, in these texts, one describes/discuss a figure ( mathematical function plot/mathematical

function....) referencing it with its link . But clicking this link cause the opening of A NEW PAGE ( the one

containing the figure ) often DIFFERENT FROM PREVIOUS .It should be more convenient to me if the figure

( alone ) could open in the old page in the place of its link.Of course the page should be arranged in some

way to make room to the figure.
This way,  the reader would have all the information in one single page without the need to switch forward

and backward between two ( or more ) pages.

I thought this about written texts ( PDF, epub, .....) but should be good even for web-pages . Furthermore

- if I'm correct - ebooks formats and even pdf's can be transformed in HTML files so it seems natural to

me thinking to achieve this feature in this context ( due to its flexibility ) .

Thank you for your patience.

ANSWER: Hi Enrico,

You can load the content in a same page using Ajax. So you don't need to switch to a different page to show something. Using Ajax, you can load whatever you want in a same page.

Do you have an understanding about Ajax?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Anjana
Thank you for the answer.
Not at all !!....well I've little understanding of informatics as a whole, to say the truth ; about Ajax I was only aware of its existence !
It's nice knowing that such a technology is available but can you also  suggest me a SW product implementing it ...ready for use ?
Something like a plugin for an internet browser or a specialized one or other .You will have uderstood by now that I'm not properly a software developer .....anyway I will begin reading about Ajax and I'd like to really thank you for showing the starting point !


Dear Enrico,

Welcome back.

For an example you can load a PDF into a DIV using following code.

<object data="test.pdf" type="application/pdf" width="300" height="200">
alt : test.pdf

May be you want to add button with a drop down list, mentioning the list of PDF's available to view . When you select a PDF and click on the button, PDF directly loads into the DIV. To do such a thing, you need to change the value of above object parameter (link with another PDF). You can do it using JavaScript / jQuery. We use Ajax (base is Javascript) to get some values from a database without navigating away from the page you are currently in. We use Javascript / jQuery (latest version of Javascript) to change things in a web page dynamically.

Hope you are clear on this now.

Please do ask me any follow up questions.



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