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"Hi my name is keith am a college students. I want to become many things in the future but my hart is on HTML web design. I just started doing some basic coding with I wanted to know what is like or your day to day activities are? how much do you make? where do you get your ideas from? do you work in a group or by yourself? do you have a websites you build by yourself, i could take a look ? and can you be my mentor? one more thing, I want to write HTML what kind of software do I need?

Hope am not asking too much."

Hi Keith,

You've asked quite a few questions here, which may not be appropriate for this venue.  People in a web designer or web developer's job can have a very vast array of day-to-day activies and paycheques.  Your best bet might be best to contact a local developer or design shop and see if they'll let you shadow them or interview them.

To write HTML all you need is NotePad.  I prefer Notepad++.


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