I'm thinking about starting a blog. I know everyone uses Wordpress. Isn't it easy enough to do it using Kompozer? If I have to use Wordpress (for some reason) is it easy to change the themes by copying it into Kompozer, changing it and then pasting it back into Wordpress? What's the big advantage of wordpress over doing it solo with Kompozer?

You are confusing a few different technologies.

Kompozer is a WYSIWYG tools for creating static HTML and CSS pages.  WordPress is a blogging engine that focuses less on 'pages' and 'designs' as opposed to managing your content.

The advantage of using WordPress, amoung many others, is you can focus on your content, and not have to worry about HTML, CSS, etc.  Just write your post and WordPress handles the rest.  WordPress allows for a better content management experience (it'll automatically update pages, archives, allow posts to be searched, etc)

Yes, you can use Kompozer to create a WordPress theme if you want to.


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