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Hi Daniel

I'm planning to add some mp3 audio file lessons to my English Teaching website (W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional). I thought that the simple html code in the pages  
(e.g. Text & Audio: That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.</b>
</font></p><br>) would simply allow the file to be played in the user's default mp3 player. But it only works for Chrome. I would like it to play in IE and Firefox as well.

The basic aim is that the student users should simply hear the file played when they click on the link in any of the three browsers. How can I achieve this? Any simple way? (I'm an eternal newbie.)

Efforts to load jpg page image not successful.

Your consideration is much appreciated.


Hi Frank,

Forcing audio to play in the user's native audio player via the web is very tricky.  You'd be better to change your doctype to HTML 5, and explore using the <audio> tag.  It's not going to give you exactly the functionality you want, but would play audio in the browser window in every modern browser.

Without getting bogged down in complex coding, there aren't many other options.  You could look at an Adobe Flash based solution.


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