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Dear Mr Stephenson,
I'd like to know what is the easiest/simplest way to learn basic programing/code...
I've been reading through Terry McNavage's "JavaScript for Absolute Beginners" and got lost at a point where I couldn't find the blank HTML document to download and open in FireFox so I could use FireBug to code...
Is there perhaps another way ?
P.S I have absolutely no experience in programing whatsoever...this is literally my very first time.  :)

Everyone learns differently, so what I might think is the easiest might not work best for you.  That said, a few resources I suggest: - Not free, but their video tutorials are an excellent way to learn.  The instructors are great and very knowledgeable and they have series for all skill levels, so as you advance this resource can still work for you.

Scratch ( While designed for kids, Scratch can be a great way to understand the basic programming concepts before you jump into a "real language".  You can do some pretty neat things in Scratch.

A course at your local college - many even offer night classes

Harvard's Computer Science Course ( Don't let the fact this is a Harvard course scare you.  It's available FREE online and is a great programming introduction.

If you specifically want JavaScript training, the book "JavaScript for Dummies" is a good starting point.


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