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We have found a VA foreclosure we want. I am not certain how to win this bid. I am a cash buyer, is there a way to bid and win? I do not understand how the bidding process works. I have read about people bidding high and losing then others bidding low and winning. I lost out on a HUD home, but I don't want to miss out on this! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

VA, like HUD, has what is called a blind auction.  Simply put, each bidder makes a bid and it is sealed and held until the day of the auction.  Then all bids are opened at the same time and the best bid is taken.  There may be a slight advantage to being a cash buyer but normally the highest bid wins.  

All one can do is make the best bid that they can as no one knows what anyone else is doing.  You need to feel comfortable with the bid you make based on what you feel the property is worth.  Don't offer more than you think the value of the property is.  

Wish there was more that I could tell you but since this is not an open auction everyone is guessing what everyone else is offering.

Best wishes in the auction.


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