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Hair Color/Hair Correction gone wrong, how long should I wait to have it fixed?


QUESTION: I went in to a salon for a colour correction 2 weeks ago. The colour correction was fine, he stripped it twice and dyed my base a Level 7 NA - but then he put in foils. I asked for them to be super subtle, and ended up with yellow chunky streaks :(

I dyed it with a Permanent in Level 6 N but the bleached bits didn't take to it and it was also SUPER brassy. So then a few days later I used a Semi in Level 5 Ash. It's soooo dark, and where the streaks are, is fading reddish already.

I am going to use head and shoulders and olive oil treatments to try and fade it, and I am going in for a salon treatment on the weekend since it's SO dry, and going to get 4 inches cut off.

Wondering how long I should wait to go somewhere else and have my hair fixed. I just want it to be a Level 7 Ash.

Thanks for any advice, it's appreciated.

ANSWER: Unfortunately when you have color removed and then bleach its impossible not to have damaged hair. Once the hair has sustained such damage its impossible to undo the damage. Also if you try to add color to bleach you have to expect the hair to absorb too much of the color (get too dark) or it will take the color only on the surface and run to fade to easily (end up too light after a few shampoos.

In the future if you bleach always try to use a toner shampoo because this will prevent brassyness. (Purple/ blue shampoo works great for reds also to keep them red longer)

To keep your color longer you can wash with cooler water and to prevent further damage or breaking try to avoid stretching the hair or using too much heat. (Combing too rough or brushing hair while wet)

Try argan oil to prevent further damage and keep hair a little more managable. (Orchid oil is also great)

And try your best to use as little heat as possible.

Eventually with regular trims the damage will grow out and youyr hair will get its health back.

-trim every 4-6 weeks (6 weeks at the latest to encourage growth.)

If you insist on trying to color again wait a minimal of 60 to 90 days.

NO BLEACH- this will break hair at the root if done too often.


-NEVER try to bleach after a color removal. Next time try to go a shade or too darker. Bleack on top of the removal is wayy damaging! And the stripping process usually doesn't lift well because it was already lifted. In your case you lifted 3 times in one session. That's very traumatizing.

Also please note that I do not recomend further chemical processes. For 6 months worth of trims. Though this is up to you and I would re consider your stylist.

I hope I helped


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your quick response.

I currently use Aveda's Blue Malva toning shampoo, and I always use Moroccon Oil, would I benefit from their shampoo and conditioner as well? I've never tried anything but the oil.

Would fading it on my own best I can (using olive oil treatments, honey, dandruff shampoos etc) and then having it dyed just a lighter colour (light brown) be the best route? I wasn't sure if going a shade or two lighter is possible, without bleach?

Thank you! :)

Honestly if you had good results with morrocan oil then don't fix it if it isn't broken.

Almost any shampoo that's made specifically for dry and or damaged hair is superior to just regular shampoo.

If you want the color to lighten then don't use color safe shampoo. Use extremely hot water and consider acidic rinses, (1-3 ratio of apple cider vinegar(1/3 cup) and water(2/3 cup).

This is a great way to rinse any residue from styling product and should be done after shampoo and before condition no more then twice a week. Leave a deep conditioner on hair for 5 minutes after an acid rinse.

Over time the color will fade but maybe not as fast as you like.


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